Mirror Mirror

When I look into the mirror I sometimes jump with the different feminine and masculine reflections that appear back to me.

My sisters.

My brothers.

Not all from the same mother and father, for we are all energy.

These beings are courageous, strong, terrifying and gloriously filled with so much love it could tear an empathic heart into shreds.

My sisters, those women are also the faces of the women who I often have my shadow self slap me right in the face and back into reality and I have never been more grateful for each and everyone of them.

"More love, I can hear our hearts cryin', more love, I know....that's all we need" From the Chicks

Often when we hear words such as this we agree and shrug....often contemplate whether the other end of the chord will ever be able to see the perspective we are holding the veil over....not ours to know, it is not our business.

Our world is crying for it now more than ever.

We can not ignore it any longer.

The emotional, mental and physical pains.

To nurture the self is highly important to what each and every being is facing on this planet.

Our realities escape us like a sudden death, what will bring you a form of comfort is to fall into your heart space and remember. Visualize and imagine that you can make all your dreams into your reality.

This may mean peering into a perspective that may be kept capsulated in a protective space within your heart space, accessed during stillness meditation, for some it may mean scream sining in the shower or the car, or even allowing the body to vibrate with anger and scream and shake until it no loinger holds space in your beautiful being.

When we hold onto the emotions that keep us trapped within flight, fight or fawning; it creates space for diease to grow and manifest into a reality that often becomes life alterning and sometimes even death.

Fear comes within this projection of some deeply hidden emotions that yes, are difficult to deal with and manage without the appropriate tools and support systems in place. The world we live in doesn't help these fear spaces as it is designed and created to keep us in a state of fear so we aren't able to see what is going on right in front of us. What is manipulating us to reach the optimal goal of where our characters are placed and housed.

We will not let this silent killer gain the best of us.

Like so many sisters and brothers before me, silent on our platforms inflicting pain on ourselves and each other.

You are not alone.

We are no longer sitting in silence. Nor have the mask over our faces to keep our voices in.

The worlds are now crying for the wayshowers to share their knowledge of authentic self love, not aesthetically pleasing on the outside.

This is the perfect time in the worlds to bring out some deep love. Deep forgiveness, teach it to our children and often times when we do teach it we find magickal ways to unteach ourselves the lessons from the past and reparent the self. So that when we show up to a room we walk in with an open heart filled with condience, grace, understanding and compassion for each other.

'Unconditional Love for all.

So the next time you have some space available and you're sitting in your bathroom, cleaning or doing your daily routine. Take a moment to look within your eye space and see who pops out and offer them a token of love.from a high vibrational space, you may be surprised at how the energies are in tune with your innerself..

Much love,


-Mama Tess

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